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kuronoaI have touched bewbz before and I can safely the only thing funny about the material was your review on it. And furthermo~O MAH GAWD ISHA KITTEH I WANNA SNUGGLE IT SQUEEEE! Kitteh goes meow! :3Anywho, be it humor or serious in presentation, I just dislike game companies selling sex in this manner. It’s an obvious attempt to be laughably “edgy” and introduces needless additions/changes in mechanics to activities that do not need it. It also leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Good job on a humorous article, however, I must be off to read your sequel to SoE’s schools of magic. …Kitteh! :3

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Yes, they did lay it on a little thick – Robert finally realized Matthew saved the estate, he’d just become a father, he was too joyous driving the car. The writing was definitely on the wall. I really hope they manage to avoid making Mary an insufferable window.I think Jessica Brown Findlay also wanted off the show, but I’m not sure. Maybe he’d written that storyline before he knew Dan wouldn’t be returning. Series three began production in early 2012, maybe there was still a chance Dan would stay on.

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