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Ken Shadlen writes:Shamnad – This is excellent, extremely insightful as always. I wish everyone explained things so clearly. Do post on the comments section, and please do write an entry on legal strategies. I look forward to it. Tks,Ken

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This outfit is super cute...what a find! I love that your whole family went out thrifting together!I have two questions today, Audi! HOW do you make the red and green go togther without looking Christmas-y? I have tried this and I just can't seem to make it work, but it looks great here!And your there a hat etiquette? Can you wear it at work? Do you have to remove it in a restaurant? Or is that all just old-fashioned Miss Manners rules?

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ecI could comprehend the first component of what you have been saying but I received a bit lost towards the end. This can be a difficult topic to understand

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