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Fannie Mae, Freddie and FHA want two years of self-employment. This typically means two years of tax returns which are averaged unless the most recent year is lower. In which case, that is the income used for qualification. With 50% down and a good credit score (assuming he wasn’t buying them a $2MM house) the automated findings should have only asked for the last year of taxreturns.

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I have exactly that side table – except I found mine on the side of the road for free! I sprayed it Oil Rubbed Bronze and use it in my office beside my comfy reading chair.

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After you do the one week challenge, if I want to incorporate these workouts into my normal workout routine how would you recommend doing that? I was thinking I want to work arms 2-3 times a week so should I combine some of the workouts let’s say monday’s and Tuesday’s into one day?

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